War In Ukraine – Zelensky accuses Russia and China of undermining summit

War In Ukraine - Zelensky accuses Russia and China of undermining summit

War In Ukraine Latest Update

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has accused Russia and China of aiming to disrupt his planned global peace summit in Switzerland.

He stated that Russia and China were both attempting to discourage other countries from attending the gathering.

Speaking at an Asian security summit, he also stated that “elements of Russia’s weaponry” are sourced from China.

China claims it does not support either side in the Ukraine conflict, a stance that has been increasingly questioned, particularly by the United States.

Beijing is suspected of assisting Moscow by supplying military components. It is also viewed as supporting the Russian economy by acquiring large volumes of oil and gas, so mitigating the impact of Western sanctions.

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Mr Zelensky made a surprise appearance at the Shangri-la Dialogue in Singapore, which was attended by defence chiefs from all around the world, including US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Chinese Defense Minister Dong Jun.

The visit was intended to drum up support from Asian countries. Aside from visiting regional leaders, he asked attendees to attend his summit, which would take place later in June.

Mr Zelensky stated that the focus would be on ensuring nuclear security, food security, and the release of Ukrainian prisoners of war and children held in Russia.

106 countries committed to sending high-level representatives or leaders.

So far, 106 countries have pledged to send high-level delegates or leaders to the summit, he said.

Russia was not invited, and China will not be there.

According to the BBC, Russia did not receive an official invitation since Moscow informed Switzerland early on that it did not wish to join.

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Mr Zelensky stated that Russia was seeking to disrupt the meeting by persuading countries not to attend with threats of agricultural, chemical, and energy blockades.

He went on to say that certain countries were facilitating this “diplomatic disruption”.

Later on, he singled out China claiming that it was working for countries to not come to the peace summit, in contrast to the United States which has pledged to send a high-ranking envoy and is urging others to go.

China’s position was questioned due to its economic ties with Russia.

The summit “should have the recognition of Russia and Ukraine” and equal participation, according to a statement from China’s foreign ministry. A spokesman stated on Friday that “otherwise, it is difficult for the conference to play a substantive role in restoring peace.”

Furthermore, Mr. Zelensky added that China’s President Xi Jinping had already informed him that his country would stand aside in this conflict and would not provide Russia with arms.

However, he went on to say that other intelligence services now believe that portions of Russia’s weaponry originate in China.

He requested that China maintain its consistent attitude.

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According to US accusations, China is supporting Russia in creating more missiles, armoured vehicles, and explosives. According to estimates, Russia buys 90% of its microelectronics and 70% of its machine tools from China.

Chinese Defense Minister Dong Jun indicated earlier on Sunday that his country does not provide guns to any of the parties involved in the Ukraine conflict.

Reported By Business Standards, he added that “strict controls” had been placed on the export of dual-use technology—items that have both military and civilian use.

We have never attempted to put out the fire. In his remarks, he declared, “We firmly stand on the side of peace and dialogue.

While he did not meet Mr. Dong during the dialogue, Mr. Zelensky claimed to have met Mr. Austin. According to Mr. Zelensky, the two talked about the US decision to permit Ukraine to employ American weaponry on Russian soil.

US supporting the summit and encouraging others to participate

That decision comes with certain restrictions. Asked by the BBC if he requested the removal of limitations, he said he was grateful to the US for allowing Ukraine to use the HIMARS artillery rocket system by the border of the Kharkiv region which has seen intense fighting.

“Is that sufficient? No,” he said, adding that there were airfields from which Russia was permanently firing “knowing that Ukraine will not fire back”.

The US joins other Western states such as France in allowing Ukraine more leeway in using Western-supplied weapons. Russia has warned of “serious consequences” of this move.

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