Ireland, Norway, and Spain have now recognized the Palestinian State

Ireland, Norway, and Spain have now recognized the Palestinian State

Ireland, Norway, and Spain altogether said on Wednesday that they are recognising the Palestinian State on 28 May in a historic move that infuriated Israel and delighted the Palestinians. Ireland and Norway’s diplomats were ordered back by Israel immediately.

The recognition has been announced by several European Union nations in recent weeks, who contend that a two-state solution is necessary for long-term stability in the area.

The ruling may give other EU members more impetus to recognize a Palestinian state and might lead to other UN actions that would isolate Israel even more.

Ireland’s Prime Minister Simon Harris says “Israel loses nothing from the recognition of Palestine.”

On Wednesday, Irish Prime Minister Simon Harris made his declaration, describing it as “a historic and important day for Ireland and Palestine” and a joint effort with Spain and Norway.

According to Mr. Harris, the action was meant to facilitate the resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian problem utilizing a two-state solution. “We have to be on the right side of history”, Mr. Harris said.

Reacting to Israel’s intention to remove its ambassadors from Norway and Ireland, Taoiseach Simon Harris declared, “Israel loses nothing from the recognition of the state of Palestine.”‘In the weeks ahead,’ Harris said, more nations will recognize a Palestinian state alongside Norway, Spain, and Ireland.

PM Jonas Gahr Støre says Norway will also recognize the Palestinian State.

Norway, which is not a member of the European Union but follows its policies, has been a strong advocate for a two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians. According to Gahr Støre, the Scandinavian country will recognize Palestine as an independent state, with all associated rights and responsibilities.

“Palestine’s circumstances are still more challenging than they have been in decades due to the conflict in Gaza and the ongoing growth of illegal settlements in the West Bank” the government of Norway stated.

“A sovereign nation is a fundamental right of Palestine. The murderous act was carried out by Hamas and extremist groups that oppose a two-state solution and Israel,” the Norwegian government leader stated.

Spanish PM Pedro Sánchez has campaigned for months for the Palestinian State.

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has also stated that Spain will recognize a Palestinian state on May 28. Sánchez said the decision to recognize a Palestinian state, which will be formally implemented by Spain’s cabinet next week, represents public sentiment in the country and is also the proper thing to do.

Sánchez has spent months traveling around Europe and the Middle East to rally support for the formation of a Palestinian state and maybe a truce in Gaza. He has stated his devotion to the transfer multiple times.

“We understand that this effort will not bring back the past and lives that have been lost in Palestine, but we believe that it will provide the Palestinians with two things that are very important for their current situation and their future years: pride and hope,” Sánchez said.

The Palestinian foreign ministry praises the three nations’ decision.

We can now offer you a statement from the Palestinian foreign ministry, which is headquartered in the West Bank. The statement goes on to urge other countries to “take this principled decision as soon as possible”.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expats welcomes the actions taken by Ireland, Norway, and Spain to recognize the State of Palestine,” it says. These three nations have once again demonstrated their unwavering commitment to the two-state solution and the long-awaited justice for the Palestinian people with this historic move.

“Further, the recognitions of Spain, Norway, and Ireland, are in line with international law and all United Nations relevant bills, which will in turn contribute positively to all worldwide efforts towards ending the Israeli Illegal occupation and achieving stability and peace in the region.”

Israel states that the Irish, Spanish, and Norwegian diplomats will see the 7 Oct video.

Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz said, “History will remember that Spain, Norway, and Ireland agreed to present a gold medal to Hamas murderers and rapists who raped adolescent girls and burnt newborns.”

“Israel will not go over this quietly – their step will result in serious consequences”.

“We instructed that the ambassador will be summonsed instantly for disciplinary meetings, during which they would see the horrible footage of the kidnapping of the female witnesses to show them what a stupid decision their nations had made.”

Which nations have recognized the Palestinian State?

A State of Palestine is already recognized by 142 of the 193 UN members, claims the Palestinian Authority, which exercises limited power in areas of the occupied West Bank.

Not included are the United States, Canada, most of Western Europe, Australia, Japan, South Korea, and numerous Middle Eastern, African, and Asian nations.

The US denied a Palestinian request to join the UN as a full member state in April.

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