Switzerland: A woman jogging in a lakeside park is killed by a naked man

Switzerland: A woman jogging in a lakeside park is killed by a naked man

According to the authorities, on Wednesday, May 22, a naked man who was yelling and abusing people killed a woman who was jogging at a park by a lake in Switzerland.

The event happened on Tuesday night in Männedorf’s Villa Alma Park.

Know about the attack

The attack happened on Tuesday night, May 21, at Lake Zurich, which is around 20 kilometers southeast of the largest city in Switzerland, according to the local police.

According to Zurich cantonal police, “a woman was attacked and fatally injured by a man in Mannedorf  on Tuesday evening.” The victim was jogging.

The incident happened just before 8:00 p.m. (local time), according to the police, who said that “passers-by reported a man in Alma Park who was running around naked, screaming, and physically attacking  other people.”

“A seriously injured woman was found lying on the ground by the emergency services who arrived on site quickly,” the statement continued. But the woman’s “serious injuries” ultimately led to her death, even after “immediate resuscitation.”

The woman was seen lying by the side of a lake, a local informed the Swiss daily Blick. The location is difficult to get to, therefore it couldn’t have been a swimming mishap.

You may only access this small location by a small stairway.

Another woman was allegedly assaulted by the alleged offender, according to the Swiss police, but she did not suffer any serious injuries.

Suspect under arrest

A Swiss man, reportedly 19 years old, is the accused offender that the police have detained. Before the police showed up, the man reportedly attacked people at random.

The nude man went in circles as if in a trance, while an employee of the nearby Villa Alma elderly home informed the Swiss newspaper Tages-Anzeiger that he also heard cries.

In the night, many young people are seen wandering around this area. What transpired here is absurd. Joel Eichenberger, 26, told Blick, “This morning I was very shocked to find out.”

The police stated that they are still looking into the victim’s identity. Furthermore, the identity of the alleged offender was not immediately disclosed.

According to the Swiss police, they are looking into the attack’s history and whether the victim and the attacker were acquainted.

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