Patrick Uting is the new shooting king in Schmallenberg

Patrick Uting is the new shooting king in Schmallenberg

Patrick Uting was astounded at his luck when the 183rd shot went off. The bird dropped to the ground, and the 37-year-old happily lifted his arms. Finally, Florian Uting looked after the man. This means that during the 2024-2025 shooting festival season, two brothers will lead Schmallenberg.

Schmallenberg: The battle for the throne was a riveting three-way duel. Marvin Wild and Dennis Teipel from the Schmallenberg drum corps, together with Patrick Uting from the “Endverbraucher” regulars’ table, took turns shooting at the wooden bird.

Patrick Uting anniversary

Trombonist Uting performs with both “Wellblech” and the Schmallenberg town band. The Endverbraucher regulars’ table celebrates its twentieth anniversary. So, whomever wanted to shoot just went ahead and did it” the new monarch explained, explaining his tactics for pursuing the bird.

As per Sauerlandkurier – To the delight of the drum corps players, Patrick Uting was crowned the new Schmallenberg shooting king. In Bad Laasphe the manager of a Lidl grocery store crowned his wife Nathalie queen. Jana, 15, and Emma, 10, their two daughters round up the royal family.

Brother Florian Uting is the new “vice”

In contrast, his brother Florian Uting made a spontaneous decision. After Patrick was crowned king, there was already “a certain amount of family pressure” according to the new viceroy. The 33-year-old, along with some representatives of the “end users” and his father Peter Uting targeted the dandy. When he had his final gasp, there were still three serious applications.

“You take one shot, and I’ll take three,” agreed father and son. In between, Max Bellinger tried his luck. Finally “three shots” in a row proved to be the greatest technique, and Florian Uting was crowned the new vice-queen after 99 shots.

He designated his wife Stephanie as his vice-queen. “My wife is a teacher and is still in school. “I have to teach her that first” grinned the Gira sales representative anticipating the proclamation and joint celebration in the town hall.

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Florian Uting is the new viceroy in Schmallenberg. © Marco Twente

Paul Rickert is the young shooting king

The next junior marksman king had already been declared. His name is Paul Rickert, and he won the title of junior marksman king on Friday evening with his 173rd shot in an entertaining competition against six opponents. Svea Knoche, the 2023/24 king’s niece, chose Fabian Ax as his junior marksman queen at the age of 17.

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