New York City’s third-largest trust

New York City's third-largest trust

The New York Community Trust is a significant philanthropic organization that plays a crucial role in improving the quality of life in New York City and its suburbs. Here are some key points about it

New York Trust 

Grants for Nonprofits: In early April, The New York Community Trust awarded $4.7 million in grants to 44 organizations working in subjects such as environmental protection, school reform, and homelessness. These awards are intended to bolster the city’s safety net and address pressing needs.

Endowment and Impact: The Trust established a permanent endowment to fund nonprofit organizations in New York City and its suburbs, ensuring a safe and secure environment for residents and workers. It is one of the major non-profit funders in the metropolitan New York area, with over 20,000 grantees.

Recent initiatives: Several recent grants include:

Health: We support groups such as City Meals on Wheels, God’s Love We Deliver, and the New York State Department of Health.

Research: Funding for issues such as whole-genome sequencing of COVID-19 samples.

Advocacy: promoting improved health-care access and accountability in nursing homes and long-term care facilities.

The Trust’s impact goes far beyond its financial donations, making it a powerful force in molding New Yorkers’ well-being. For additional information, please visit their website: The New York Community Trust

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