Gracy Chen appointed as the new CEO of Bitget

Gracy Chen appointed as the new CEO of Bitget

Gracy Chen has been named CEO of Web3 and the Bitget digital currency exchange.

Sandra Lou is leaving to pursue personal business ventures, and Chen will take over as her successor in charge. This indicates that the web3 firm has had two female CEOs in a row.

Gracy Chen’s Journey to the Top of the Crypto Industry

Offering more than ten years of expertise in investing, marketing, and company administration, Gracy has become a well-known female entrepreneur in the digital currency space.

Gracy Chen started her blockchain adventure as a TV presenter in 2014. Her interest in cryptocurrency developed when American investor Tim Draper appeared on her program. She later invested in several cryptocurrency firms, including Bitkeep, which is now known as Bitget Wallet and is the biggest Web 3 multi-chain wallet in Asia.

By June 2022, Chen was Managing Director of Bitget, where she contributed to the platform’s international growth. Her leadership was particularly noteworthy in that Bitget’s user base skyrocketed.

Bitget officially said:

Promoting Innovation and Diversity in the Crypto Market

As CEO, Chen hopes to encourage variety in the cryptocurrency sector. Leading major CSR projects like #Blockchain4Youth and #Blockchain4Her, she has rapidly worked to increase accessibility and inclusivity in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sectors. These initiatives have had an effect; in a year, #Blockchain4Youth worked with more than 6,000 young people and over 50 educational institutions.

Though she is happy to witness the advancement of blockchain and digital technologies, Chen said that there is still a lack of diversity in the world of rising companies.

She said:

“Bitget’s research found that, in 2022 during the first three quarters of 2023, female-led blockchain startups secured only 6.34% of the total investments. The fundamental reason behind this is that many investors still favor male-founded companies over female ones. To bridge this gap, we launched the Blockchain4Her initiative aimed at boosting gender diversity and inclusiveness in the blockchain sector, with a $10 million contribution. The initiative comprises educational seminars, mentorship, and financial support, as well as a network of ambassadors already joined by renowned women in crypto.”

Women are Taking the Lead in the Crypto Industry

The traditionally male-dominated blockchain and cryptocurrency industries are beginning to witness a rise in the influence of women. There are countless examples, Chen being only one.

Other prominent female leaders in cryptocurrency:

  1. Cathie Wood, CEO of ARK Invest, is another notable woman in crypto. Known for her forward-thinking financial methods, Wood has been an expressive investor of Bitcoin.
  2. Elizabeth Stark, co-founder of Lightning Labs, is designing scalable Bitcoin transactions to create a dynamic financial platform for the Internet.
  3. Kathleen Breitman co-founded the Tezos cryptocurrency platform.
  4. Amber Baldet, co-founder of Clovyr is dedicated to making blockchain technology easier for organizations.
  5. Joyce Kim, co-founder of the Stellar Development Foundation, has played a vital role in advancing inclusivity in finance using the technology of blockchain.

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