Google Doodle Celebrates Chilaquiles as the Best Breakfast Food

Google Doodle Celebrates Chilaquiles as the Best Breakfast Food

The Google Doodle for today is guaranteed to excite foodies. The Doodle is commemorating one of our favorite breakfast dishes, which is the amazing Chilaquiles.

The Doodle was made by guest artist Chava Oropesa, who is located in Oakland, claims Google.

“The origin of name ‘chilaquiles’ originates from the Aztec language Nahuatl — meaning ‘chilis and greens.’ Corn’s popularity was only presented to American consumers by Encarnación Pinedo, “The Spanish Cook” in 1898 which initiated people to explore methods to reuse stale tortillas,” Google’s website said.

“They found magic after cooking tortillas into strips and sautéing them in salsa. The morning meal evolved into these fried tortilla strips being adorned with cream, queso fresco, onions, and avocados.”

The Google Doodle animated artwork shows the meal with a fried egg on top and the plate surrounded by peppers. Most of the letters in the word “Google” are made with tortilla strips, while the “Os” is the yolk of the egg and red onion.

Here’s how to make the best chilaquiles for your breakfast:

You can add as many extras as you want to the Chilaquile to make it look fancier. Some fried tortilla strips or chips, enchilada sauce, cheese, and one or two fried eggs are all you need to make this dish. Cover the chips with enchilada sauce and cheese. Then heat it up, add eggs on top, and eat it up.

There are different versions of the dish at Chilaquil, and it can be made with different salsas, such as rojos, poblanos, or spicy chipotle. You can also add items like eggs or avocados or extra meats like al pastor to your order.

Also, you can add chilies, avocado, guacamole, salsa, cotija cheese, melted queso, or anything else your heart (or stomach) wants, even pork or chicken that has been slow-cooked. To really go for it, you could make a green chile sauce and mix biscuits and gravy to make chilaquiles, but maybe with corn muffins instead.

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