US Stock Market Time and Trading Hours

US Stock Market Timings and Trading Hours

The US Stock Market has several stock exchanges, but the two major ones are the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. 

A vast range of securities are bought and sold by traders and stockbrokers on several stock exchanges located throughout the world. These primarily consist of bonds, shares launched by listed firms, derivatives, and different proportions of stock. Every stock exchange serves as a venue for listed businesses to raise money.

The Netherlands hosted the first “official” stock exchange in 1602. It was founded under the aegis of the enormous Dutch East India Company in Amsterdam, one of the major commercial cities in the globe at the time.

These days, the stock market is more than just a place where buyers and sellers meet.

The US Stock Market, or an equivalent institution in any other nation, serves as a gauge of that nation’s economic health. Because they are managed independently, the US Stock Market has a set time.

A stable growth rate is maintained by stock prices in a fair market.

Stock exchanges will suffer during economic downturns such as depressions and recessions. There have been multiple “market crashes” in the US and other comparable economies in the past.

US Share Market Time or Trading Hours

Although there are many stock exchanges in the US, the two largest ones are NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange. The first one is the biggest stock exchange in the world by market capitalization and is situated on Wall Street in New York.

The Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), which is listed on the NYSE, owns the NYSE.

The world’s second-largest exchange is also the second-largest US stock market. It is housed in One Liberty Plaza, originally the US Steel Building in New York City, and is owned by Nasdaq, Inc.

The NYSE was set up in 1792 while the NASDAQ was founded much later in 1971.

Both these stock exchanges abide by the US Stock Market trading hours given below. Note that most of the world’s largest exchanges also follow almost identical timings.

Opening and Closing Time

American stock market time is based on the Eastern Time Zone or ET. This time zone has 2 variables 

image 5
US Stock Market Time and Trading Hours 6

While early trading is permitted, the US Stock Market open time, which includes the Dow Jones, Nasdaq, and New York Stock Exchange opening times, always refers to the start of regular business hours, which is 9.30 AM on all working days. Saturdays and Sundays are not trading days.

The US Stock Market holidays, when business is closed, are included in the following table along with a few days with shortened workdays.

1.New Years DayJanuary 1, 2024Sunday
2.Martin Luther King, Jr. DayJanuary 15, 2024Sunday
3.Washington’s BirthdayFebruary 19, 2024Sunday
4.Good FridayMarch 29, 2024Friday
5.Memorial DayMay 27, 2024Saturday
6.Juneteenth National Independence DayJune 19, 2024Monday
7.Independence DayJuly 4, 2024Thursday
8.Labor DaySeptember 02, 2024Saturday
9.Thanksgiving DayNovember 28, 2024Thursday
10.Christmas DayDecember 25, 2024Wednesday
Holidays List


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US Stock Market Time and Trading Hours 7

US Stock Market Time in India

Given the multiple time zones that separate the US and India, market observers will find the accompanying table to be a useful resource.

The stock markets in India are open from 9.15 AM to 3.30 PM.

Information on other significant stock markets has also been included.

image 7
Global Exchanges timing

More Facts about US Stock Market Time

The US stock market’s regular operating hours have occasionally been altered for a variety of reasons. Among the noteworthy cases are:

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US Stock Market Time and Trading Hours 8

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