Apple and Meta in Talks for AI Collaboration

Apple and Meta in Talks for AI Collaboration

The Wall Street Journal revealed on Sunday that Facebook’s parent company Meta Platforms has talked about incorporating Meta’s generative AI model into Apple Inc.’s newly revealed iPhone AI system.

According to the Journal, which cited people familiar with the situation, AI firms Anthropic and Perplexity, in addition to Google and Meta, have been in talks with Apple to bring their generative Artificial intelligence to Apple Intelligence.

Requests for comment made outside of business hours were not immediately answered by Apple, Meta, Perplexity, or Anthropic.

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Apple and Meta AI report

The Journal said that the talks are not finalized and may not proceed, but that agreements with Apple would enable Artificial intelligence businesses to distribute their products more widely.

Although the exact amount of the possible financial windfall is unknown, the report stated that AI businesses were in discussions to sell premium memberships to their services through Apple Intelligence.

This month, the manufacturer of iPhones revealed its eagerly anticipated AI strategy, stating that it will include new Apple Intelligence technology into all of its apps, including Siri, and enable Microsoft-backed OpenAI chatbot ChatGPT on its devices.



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