Apple AI: What You Need to Know Before You Try the Software

Apple AI: What You Need to Know Before You Try the Software

Apple AI – The company says we’ll start seeing the features this fall, but some of the more ambitious ones might not debut until 2025.

Several AI features will be included to MacOS Sequoia, iOS 18, and iPadOS 18. Is it a valuable upgrade or just an advertising flash? Our columnist discusses everything in full.

CUPERTINO, California: At Monday’s developer conference, if there were a dollar for each time an executive mentioned “Apple Intelligence,” I would buy a steak supper complete with all the fixings. (That is, roughly sixty times.)

Apple eventually threw itself into the generative artificial intelligence craze after missing out on it for almost two years The business is incorporating AI technologies into the upcoming iterations of its three main operating systems MacOS Sequoia, iOS 18, and iPadOS 18. You can even text with the upgraded version of Siri ChatGPT will be included into Apple apps thanks to a recent collaboration with OpenAI. Emojis and new pictures can be created instantly.

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Although the business claims that we will be able to experience some of the features this autumn, some of the more ambitious ones may not be available until 2025.

What then was Apple’s approach to releasing so many updates? demonstrate how AI is incorporated into the goods and apps you already use as opposed to being the engine behind an add-on benefit or standalone chatbot Additionally it placed a strong focus on privacy and using the device to process information when feasible.

Following the presentation Craig Federighi senior vice president of software engineering at Apple, stated We think AI’s role is not to replace our users but to empower them. It must be incorporated into the daily activities you engage in. It must be easy to use. However, it must also take into account your unique circumstances.

When it comes to answering queries about our lives, Apple outperforms any free-standing chatbot. Good AI technologies could help us with our photographs, notes, and conversations, as well as notifications.

As I sat through Apple’s event and spoke with execs on Monday, my main thought was whether these were truly cutting-edge, valuable technologies.

Or is Apple simply cramming AI to catch up to current market leaders Microsoft and Google while also selling us more iPhones? Spoiler: It’s a mix of both.
I’ll know more if I can try it. For now, we must rely on Apple’s presentation and tightly regulated demos.

A Update Version of Apple AI (siri)

Since Siri’s inception in 2011, Apple has promised “a humble, intelligent, personal assistant that goes everywhere with you and can do things for you, just by asking.” Yeeaaah.

That’s not exactly how things turned out. (See Larry David). But maybe now is Siri’s time. Apple envisions Siri as your AI personal assistant, to whom you may ask about anything private—or public—in the world.

image 43
Apple AI: What You Need to Know Before You Try the Software 5

Siri now allows you to text, just like other chatbots. But, unlike other chatbots, Siri has access to all of your Apple devices. When all of the planned improvements are released, it will be able to see what’s on your screen and function across apps. “Add this address to his contact card.” “Text yesterday’s picnic photos to my mom.” Things like this make perfect sense to a human, but Siri has previously been unable to understand them.

In one example, Apple demonstrated Siri assisting with the completion of a PDF form. The assistant was also able to locate a snapshot of the user’s driver’s license, retrieve its number, and enter it into the form. In another case, Siri was able to scan through Messages and Mail for recipe sent by a friend.

You do not need to be a ChatGPT Plus subscription. If you already have an account, you can log in and access the premium extras. According to Federighi Apple intends to allow users to select their favorite large-language models in the future, including, for example, Google Gemini.

My AI analysis: If Apple can genuinely pull off what it demonstrated and convince people that Siri is no longer horribly stupid, it could be a technological miracle. That is a big if. The firm has a decade-long history of lackluster Siri updates.

Writing tools

What am I using generative AI for on a daily basis? Writing. No, these are not my columns. You could tell! I use it to summarise papers and reports, write emails, and so forth.

Apple is bringing summarization, rewriting, and proofreading to Notes, Mail, Pages, and other apps. The integrated writing tools will also offer answers and tone variations for messages and emails. While most of this is handled by Apple’s AI, more creative writing (such as “A poem about Apple’s iPhone”) will be delegated to ChatGPT. It will again ask for your permission before providing the prompt.

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My AI analysis: This was a table stakes game. Google, Samsung, and Microsoft have been incorporating these capabilities into their operating systems and devices for the past year, and summarization is maybe the lowest-risk/highest-reward usage of generative AI to date. Still, this is a really nice upgrade.

Voice transcription

Nothing excites a journalist more than easy audio transcription methods. You can record a chat in the Notes app, then receive a transcription and an AI summary of the transcription.

Even better the Phone app can now record calls and do the same. Yes, Apple states that the other caller will be told that the call is being recorded.

My AI analysis: Samsung and Google both offer on-device AI transcription. Apple is only now catching up.

Image generation

We were promised flying cars, but we received…AI that can generate emojis of flying cars. Yes, Genmoji. You can create these new emojis by providing a description. They can be used as stickers, in-line emojis, or even “tapback” reactions in Messages.

The Image Playground app is Apple’s response to OpenAI’s Dall-E and other image-generation tools. It is also integrated into apps such as Messages and Pages. However, it will not produce photorealistic or deepfake images. You can only choose between three cartoony styles: animation, sketch, and illustration.

My AI analysis: Instagram and Facebook have had generative picture producers built-in for months, but I haven’t used them more than once. What’s fascinating here is the integration of AI with previously captured photographs. But, as I’ve already stated, if you can substantially alter a photo you took, what is reality?

image 47

Notifications and more Features

Taking a lead from Google and Samsung, Apple will utilize AI to prioritize your alerts. The most important will be at the top. And if you receive a large number of group messages, your iPhone will summarize the conversations for you. No more sorting through 52 texts to determine if Thursday cocktails are still available.

My AI analysis: Woo hoo! That’s your analysis, right there.

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The Sad news

Apple Intelligence will become available with iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and MacOS Sequoia. This summer, beta versions will be available, followed by a wider release in the fall. Initially, it will only be available in English.

That takes me to the huge bummers. As previously said, not all functionality will be available immediately away. Apple, for example has not stated when the ChatGPT integration will be available, but it is expected before the end of the year. Some AI functions will probably take even longer.

All of this necessitates the use of new—or very recent—hardware, rather than lower-end equipment. You’d need an iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max, an iPad, or a Mac with a M chip. This eliminates several of Apple’s current iPhone and iPad models.

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