What Exactly Is Project 2025?

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Trump Shaping America's Political Landscape?

The general election is still about four months away and, with the latest polls showing an incredibly tight race, anything can happen in that time. But that hasn’t stopped former President Donald Trump who, in concert with top Republicans and organizations, already sketched out a plan to reshape the federal government in their image.  

The plan is called Project 2025 — a collection of policy transition proposals that outline how, should Trump win the November election, he can vastly remake the federal government most effectively to carry out an extremist far-right agenda.  

What exactly is Project 2025?

Project 2025 is a massive, 920-page document that outlines exactly what the next Trump presidency would look like. This doesn’t just include policy proposals like immigration actions, educational proposals, and economic plans, but rather a portrait of the America that conservatives hope to implement in the next Republican administration, be it Trump or  someone else. 

Forging a Conservative America ?

The opening essay of the plan,  summarizes the goal of Project 2025 : a promise to make America a conservative nation. To do so the next presidential administration should focus on four fronts.

Those four fronts include: 

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Restore the family as the centerpiece of American life and protect our children.

Dismantle the administrative state and return self-governance to the Americans.

Defend our nation’s sovereignty, borders, and bounty against global threats.

Secure our God-given individual rights to live freely—what our Constitution calls “the Blessings of Liberty.”

Who’s behind Project 2025?

The chapters in the Project 2025 plan and 180-Day Playbook were written by “more than 400 scholars and policy experts from across the conservative movement and around the country,” the group says. That includes former Trump administration officials and notable right-wing figures, like former Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller,Peter Navarro, a former top trade advisor to Trump.  


In sum, Project 2025 has ignited a heated national conversation about its potential impact on American governance and societal norms. As discussions continue, it represents a critical juncture in our political landscape, prompting reflection on the future direction of our nation. 


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