Inside Out 2 Hit $155 Million At The U.S. Box Office With New World Record

Inside Out 2 debuted with $155 million domestically, marking Pixar's strong box office return amid industry challenges.

Globally, "Inside Out 2" is set to earn $295 million for its opening weekend.

Industry experts see the film's success as a positive sign for the summer box office.

Both Disney and Pixar  faced hurdles with streaming impacting audience habits.

Inside Out 2 is Pixar's  fifth film to surpass $100 million in North America during opening weekend.

Disney doesn't classify its $191.7 million debut for "The Lion King" (2019) as an animated film.

The film's success is a significant win for theaters, hinting at a possible industry rebound.

Overall, 2024's box office struggles with fewer releases and lower ticket sales compared to  previous years.