I travel far to find serenity and peace within myself.”

– Zach Cooper

The white snow, bright moon and stars, and – if you’re lucky – the colourful Northern Lights, create a surprisingly light and magical nightscape. 

Sleep under the Northern Light

Finland’s national pastime is going to the sauna – some people go every day And with more than three million saunas in Finland, visitors and residents both have many to choose from. 

Visit a public sauna



The capital of Finland, Helsinki, is typically the first stop for many visitors to this Nordic country. 

Explore a lighthouse island

Finland has the largest archipelago in the world. Where there are islands, there are lighthouses. 

Stroll around an old wooden town

The Helsinki districts of Käpylä and Vallila are good places to start your explorations into Finland’s wooden towns. As Finland has many entirely preserved wooden towns that sit just as they did decades or centuries ago 

Try Finnish cuisine

Whether its traditional salmon soup, plant-based meat and dairy alternatives, or mouth-watering bilberry pie, be prepared to clear some space on your list of favourite foods

Breathe  the world’s  cleanest air

The air quality in Finland is the best in the world according to data from the World Health Organisation (WHO). Go for a walk by a lake or through the forest or simply rest on a smooth rock by the sea. 

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