History’s biggest Tragedy: Trump will be in Jail During GOP Presidential nomination

History's biggest Tragedy: Trump will be in Jail During GOP Presidential nomination

Washington, DC: When he accepts the Republican presidential nomination in July former President Donald Trump will find himself in an unprecedented circumstance where he might wind up behind bars, as reported by Mediaite.

Trump was found guilty on Friday of 34 criminal counts pertaining to the hush-money scandal that rocked his 2016 campaign.

Just a few days before the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee gets underway on July 11 he will be sentenced

Donald Trump was “in prison” as the GOP was nominating

Chief election and campaign journalist Robert Costa claims that leading Republicans are privately worried that Trump may be in prison when he accepts the nomination.

Costa told Margaret Brennan on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” “There’s a real concern that some traditional Republican, suburban Republicans, might look at someone being called a convicted felon and say, ‘I really can’t go there,’ even as it motivates so many of Donald core supporters.”

Despite the fact that Trump has called the conviction “a rigged, disgraceful trial,” legal experts think there is little chance the verdict will be overturned before November’s election.

“I think there is zero chance this is going to be overturned before November,” said Jan Crawford, legal correspondent for News, “and once you get into the appeals process, the odds are not good, and not good for Donald,” about the conviction being overturned.

Though Costa hinted that Trump’s actions during the trial would persuade the court to sentence him Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has not stated whether the prosecution will seek jail time.

“The judge became so irate with the defense and one of the called witnesses that he cleared the courtroom. Trump repeatedly broke the gag order according to Costa.

Republicans’ worries over Donald Trump’s possible imprisonment.

The internet quickly mocked the former president as word spread that Republicans were worried that he would be imprisoned.

“He will not be a ‘first time offender’ at his next sentencing,” a user added.

Another said, “The biggest loser in American history is Donald J. Trump! Well done, Donny! You’ve Created a List!”

“Trump would be the laughingstock of the universe, a third commenter stated.

A different commenter remarked “Don’t think that DJT will never see a day in jail but a fine and community service like cleaning Central Park would be poetic justice and fitting.”

A user wrote “Video of Trump’s 50 minute post-conviction rant must be placed in the time capsule at the cornerstone of a new psychiatric hospital.”

A sixth user wrote, “The Felon-in-Chief wanted them to find 11,780 votes, but all they could come upon with is 12.”

One more person suggested, “Here’s an idea: don’t nominate the convicted felon.”

Finally, a user commented, “Fun Fact: Donnie must undergo a REAL PSYCH EVALUATION in addition to a drug test prior to his punishment. That will

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