Prosecutor Claims ‘Stormy Daniels Is The Reason’ At Trump Trial

Prosecutor Claims ‘Stormy Daniels Is The Reason’ At Trump Trial

The jury in the Trump trial regarding hush money in New York will begin its hearings on Wednesday following a long day in court yesterday when the prosecution and defense rested their closing statements.

The defense concluded its summary by outlining ten valid concerns regarding the ex-president’s case.

The primary witness in the trial, Mr. Trump’s “fixer” Michael Cohen, was slammed by Trump’s lawyer Todd Blanche, who referred to him as the “Greatest Liar of All Time” (GLOAT).

In the meanwhile, prosecutor Joshua Steinglass extensively outlined the case’s chronology across a nearly five-hour speech, connecting crucial bits of “smoking gun” evidence through a detailed timeline.

The president is facing charges of falsifying financial records to cover up a $130,000 payment made to adult performer Stormy Daniels in October 2016. Daniels claims she had a sexual encounter with Trump ten years ago, and Mr. Trump paid her to keep quiet about it. The defendant has denied the allegations and the encounter.

Prosecutors intend to persuade the jury that the alleged attempts to undermine a presidential election warrant the enhancement of the misdemeanor charges to crimes.

Chair of the Freedom Caucus loses Trump’s endorsement after supporting him during the trial.

Bob Good, chair of the Freedom Caucus, has backed his Republican primary opponent, only days after demonstrating his support for Donald Trump in a Manhattan court.

The ex-president’s involvement in the Republican primary race in Virginia’s 5th congressional district demonstrates the increased loyalty that GOP members are expected to show to their party’s nominee for president, despite the ongoing criminal charges against Mr. Trump.

“Bob Good is BAD FOR VIRGINIA, AND BAD FOR THE USA,” Donald Trump tweeted on Truth Social on Tuesday about the guy who had traveled miles to seek his favor only a few days before.

The state says Daniel’s payment constituted a campaign contribution

Prosecutor Josh Steinglass contended that Michael Cohen’s payment to Stormy Daniels amounted to a campaign donation that much overshot the legal limit.

“As the judge will explain, covering a candidate’s expenses counts as an offering to that candidate,” Steinglass stated.

“No rational argument,” he claimed, exists that the payment to Daniels “would’ve been made if not for the election.” He rejected the defense’s assertion that the money was given to “protect Trump’s marriage or family from humiliation.”

“The defendant wanted to crush the story for the same reason he wanted to squash the McDougal story, and the Sajudin story — to avoid the damage that these stories might cause to his election candidates,” said Steinglass.

Robert De Niro and Jan 6 first responders are sent by the Biden team to the Trump trial.

In support of the Biden campaign, Robert De Niro and two first responders attacked Donald Trump as the former president’s hush money trial entered its concluding arguments on January 6.

Harry Dunn and Michael Fanone, two police officers who were first responders on January 6, joined the Hollywood star in New York.

Both became strong critics of Mr Trump following the Capitol incident. This year, Mr Dunn campaigned unsuccessfully for Congress in Maryland.

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Prosecutor Claims ‘Stormy Daniels Is The Reason’ At Trump Trial 3

Attorney for E Jean Carroll suggests a new lawsuit is “on the table” following the most recent Trump attack.

Donald Trump attacked E Jean Carroll once more in one of his most recent Truth Social outbursts and her attorneys have intimated that a fresh defamation action may be “on the table”.

The former president used Truth Social on the eve of the last day of his hush money trial to wish everyone “Happy Memorial Day” and then he continued to make negative remarks about Ms. Carroll.

Prosecutor says the state has gathered a “mountain of evidence.”

Judges were informed by prosecutor Josh Steinglass, “It’s difficult to conceive of a case with more evidence than this one.” “You don’t have to overanalyze about this one.”

The judges, according to Steinglass, were shown a “mountain of evidence.”

Michael Cohen is not at issue in this case. Steinglass described Cohen as a tour guide through the evidence. “This case is about Donald Trump and whether he should be held responsible for making false entries in his corporate records, whether he and his staff did that to cover up for his election breaches,” Steinglass said.

“Whether or not you like Cohen and want to do business with him is not the subject. Steinglass said, “It’s whether he has relevant, trustworthy information.” “He was in the very best position to know.”

The defense’s emphasis on Cohen was seen by Steinglass as “deflection — like the defendant’s own tweets”

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