Impact of Trump’s Assault on Gun Lobby Gathering

Impact of Trump's Assault on Gun Lobby Gathering

Donald Trump’s scheduled to speak to thousands of gun owners on Saturday, hoping to pique their interest in his presidential campaign, a day after launching an obscenity-laced tirade against his legal troubles and Democratic challenger Joe Biden.

Taking a weekend break from his criminal trial in New York, Trump was scheduled to speak to the politically influential National Rifle Association (NRA) in Dallas, Texas, later Saturday.

The 150-year-old organization, whose longtime CEO resigned in January amid a graft case, is strongly connected with the Republican Party in opposing weapons limits, despite recurrent mass killings in the United States and relatively high rates of gun violence when compared to peer countries.

Efforts to modify gun regulations have been blocked for decades, with detractors claiming that executive moves and state initiatives violate the constitutional right to own a handgun guaranteed by the Second Amendment.

On Friday, Trump’s hinted at the expected fear-mongering tone of his address, telling a Minnesota fundraiser event that gun owners should vote Republican because “the Democrats want to take their guns away — and they will take their guns away.”

“That’s why I’m going to be talking to the NRA tomorrow to say: ‘You gotta get out and vote.'”

In addition to other limitations, Biden has frequently demanded the reinstatement of a long-lapsed assault weapon ban.

When the White House took action last month to stop the sale of firearms at gun shows and online without first undergoing US federal background checks, a number of states led by Republicans promptly filed lawsuits to stop the action.

In a statement sent via her and Joe Biden’s campaigns prior to Trump’s Saturday speech, Vice President Kamala Harris stated that “the choice in this election is clear.”

“President Biden and I will continue to take on the gun lobby to keep Americans safe, while Donald Trump will continue to sacrifice our kids’ and communities’ safety to keep these special interests happy.”

The Gun Violence Archive reports that there were over 40,000 gun-related fatalities in the US last year.

  • More accusations of “cheating”

Using numerous expletives, Trump reiterated his deceptive allegation that Biden had cheated to win the state of Minnesota in 2020. This was part of his effort to undermine the validity of US democracy further.

Biden routinely won Democratic Minnesota by more than 200,000 votes.

Trump is currently being tried in New York and is also facing criminal accusations in Georgia, Florida, and Washington. The former president has called the indictments “bullshit” and reiterated that they are driven by politics.

According to Trump, the prosecutions are just another instance of “cheating on the election, no different from what they did four years ago.”

Throughout his speech, he made multiple personal barbs at Biden, calling him “unbelievably crooked” and a “horrible human being,” and he claimed the 81-year-old Democrat had used narcotics before to his March State of the Union address.

“This guy is so full of garbage. Horrible, “said Trump.

Meanwhile, Biden travelled to Georgia on Saturday, a swing state that he barely won in 2020, to advocate for African Americans, who are an essential component of his coalition.

On Sunday he was due to address students at Morehouse College, a renowned historically Black institution.

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